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Are you thinking about getting Broadway tickets for one of your favorite shows but you don’t know what seating area you should select? Orchestra? Mezzanine? No worries, this is a common question we get at VOLATOUR. We understand that the Broadway seating chart and the many many choices you have can confuse someone who’s never been to a Broadway theater. That’s why we created this Broadway seating guide for you, so you can find and book the seating area that is best for you!


General Broadway Seating Chart


General Broadway seating chart

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Above you can see a general Broadway seating chart. It looks more complicated than it really is! If you would look at it from the side, it would look similar to the image below. Let’s work ourselves from the front to the back of a Broadway theater.


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The Stage

This is where the magic happens. Obviously there are no stage seats and pointing out the stage is just for your orientation of the theater’s seating plan. The stage is where the musical actors and actresses perform your favorite show.


Orchestra seats (market green in chart above) are unelevated and close to the stage. This area is the most popular, hence most expensive one. However, tickets in the Orchestra section are well worth their price, considering the unique view of the stage.



The Mezzanine is the first elevated seating section of a theater. In our Broadway seating chart above, it is the area marked in blue. Oftentimes you find this area split into Front Mezzanine and Rear Mezzanine. If there is a Front and Rear Mezzanine, the theater has no balcony seating area. Generally speaking, the Mezzanine with it’s elevated view on the stage is pretty impressive – but right after the Orchestra, it also comes with a higher price per ticket. The Rear Mezzanine (if applicable) is the furthest from the stage and offers the cheapest tickets. Perfect for everyone on a budget.


Balcony seats (marked purple in chart above) are the most elevated seats and provide the furthest view on the stage. Good thing is that balcony seats are the least expensive ones. So, if you are on a budget or you just want to experience a Broadway musical while you are in New York, you should definitely go for Balcony seat tickets.

And that’s really all you need to know. We hope this Broadway seating guide helped you finding the perfect seating area. Let us know in the comments if you have any questions!

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